Collagen Masks

A collagen mask is a beauty product that helps to reduce the signs of aging in the skin and is intended for use on the face.

As the skin ages, it loses collagen, which is a kind of protein that makes up a large percentage of connective tissue and accounts for somewhere between a quarter and 35 percent of all of the protein in the body. In order to reverse the loss of this collagen, particularly in the face, people use topicalcollagen masks to help to replace the lost collagen and promote the development of newcollagen.

Skin Type: Normal to Mature
• re-hydrate, rejuvenate, repair and soften the skin wherever applied on the face, eyes
• Moisturizes, firms and repairs.
• Boosts the short-term moisture content and has a long-term hydrating effect.
• Acts as an impressive anti-irritant.
• Releases beneficial active ingredients directly into the skin.
• Absolute skin cell compatibility to reduce roughness.
• Lyophilized collagen to provide an optimum release of moisture, reduce irritation and soothe the skin from itching.

Skin Type: Hyper Pigmentation
• Contains Dermawhite complex, a natural skin brightener based on the herbal extract from waltheria indica and a fruit acid complex.
• A safe, natural and efficient skin lightening treatment.

Skin Type: Sensitive to Mature
• Soothing and healing.
• Outstanding hydration characteristics (due to high moisture-storing capacity)
• Both active ingredient and carrier in one.